Welcome to an Introduction of Criminal Law



This course will provide fundamental knowledge of written and oral expression in criminal law. As an essential area of law, an introduction to criminal law will equip the student with the knowledge and skills required for future study. 

This course introduces the criminal law environment and basic principles in a local, regional and in parts international context. From this course a student will acquire knowledge of the structure of criminal law and use that knowledge to progress in their studies.

Students will further gain an appreciation and understanding of contemporary and historical global and regional issue pertaining to the application of criminal law on society.

Welcome to the Law of Association

This course forms part of your wider semester II Paralegal journey at the Corozal Junior College.

It is designed to expose you to areas of legal practice connected to the most common types of business organizations in Belize.

An understanding of the basic principles of Constitutional Law is beneficial for both the lawyer, and the layperson. This course, will concentrate on the Major concepts that govern Constitutional Law, ie: what is Constitutional Law, what is Constitutional Supremacy, Constitutional Convention, The Separation of Powers Doctrine, Judicial Review and Ultra Vires Doctrine, The principles of Natural Justice and The Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation.

Course Description

The course examines the nature and content of contractual agreement, the requirements for its enforcement in law and its termination. The course serves as a useful introduction to business relations.


Course Objectives

 At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. explain the fundamental principles of Contract Law
  2. define the terms: agreement; intention, formalities, contractual capacity, consideration and  privity of contract.
  3. assess how the concept of law affects decision-making with respect to termination of Contract, Performance, Breach, Frustration, and agreement.
  4. explain the process involved in remedies
  5. apply key concepts of Contract Law to development of a contractual agreement


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


  • Understand the basic principles of criminal law;
  • Develop skills in applying knowledge of criminal law to resolve problems in a logical and analytical way, using case materials and statute where relevant;
  • Develop skills in evaluating the reform and development of Criminal Law, especially as it relates to certain offences and the treatment of offenders, including juvenile offenders;
  • Recognise the importance of the role of Criminal Law in society.


In introduction to Criminal Law course

This is an introductory course which focuses on developing a clear understanding of law- its nature and structure. Also it will provide participants with the clear understanding of the origin of the the Caribbean legal system and the present hierarchy of the courts in the commonwealth Caribbean.